Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lunch in the Lounge. Chicken Nugget Day

The Lounge. The place where every kid dreams to explore. I mean, we have a coke machine, AND a vending machine. If they are lucky, they can get a glimpse of it if they pass by right as a teacher is coming or going.
In reality, it is like any other work break room. We have tables, a couch, and a tiny T.V. that is never on. It is our place to cram down lunch, before we run off to do things in the classroom.

I wanted to write a mid-week post about some lunches that I have at school. I give myself one day to eat out. I really try and bring my lunch the other four days. It is always on my “Back to School Resolution” list.....but as the school year goes on, and I wake up later and later, I am eating in the lunchroom or running somewhere more often. Hey, I said it was on my resolution list!

I thought it was only appropriate for my first “Lunch in the Lounge” post to be about Chicken Nugget Day!!! It was always my favorite day in high school at North Little Rock. We had to get a tray from the hot plate lunch line on Chicken Nugget Day. We would even pay extra for one of those great rolls. It is still my favorite as a teacher.

Every other week, we have had chicken tenders. Do not fret. They are just as good as the nuggets, rings, or stars. I think they are better. They were cooked perfectly and had just the right crunchy crust. The inside was the same texture as a regular chicken nugget. Don’t ask me how they did it, but they did. The tenders were much bigger and more filling. My teammates Sandy and Tina, from Flamingos and Butterflies, also got the tray today. We laughed and laughed on how to properly eat the tender so you can get it to fit in the honey mustard or ranch dipping sauce cup. You have to be a planner.
Now that I think about it, we could have just dumped the sauce out and dipped. Oops.

If you are a true chicken nugget tray lover, you do not use ketchup or honey mustard or ranch or mustard or BBQ sauce.

You use The Mashed Potatoes.

I don’t really eat the mashed potatoes on their own. Their reason for being on the tray is for the nuggets. (It is always a letdown when they serve fries).

They are also great on the rolls.

Notice the spork indention. Yeah, they still use those. 

To be honest, I was never one of those that made the ultimate chicken nugget and mashed potato sandwich with the roll. I have, though, seen many of them made!

The green beans and applesauce were good, but not my priority. They got eaten. I made a happy plate.

Well, I hope that I brought back some happy lunchroom memories for you! I know I sure thought about some.

What was your favorite lunchroom meal?

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