Sunday, September 29, 2013

Arkansas Burger Company. Come On In.

This week we traveled to Little Rock to try out Arkansas Burger Company. It was recommended by several people on my Facebook page, and I had to try it out! Thank you to those who never lead me astray. 

We got there at dinnertime and sat down to order. This is different than lunch where you order at the counter. The decision was quick and easy...burgers. We also got an order of fries and onion rings. I gotta taste everything for you!

As we were waiting, we got to take in the surroundings. It is a cozy restaurant with an assortment of decorations. There is an Arkansas theme, but once you look closely, I don’t think there is a rhyme or reason to the decor. There are circus posters, Arkansas collector plates, bottles, pails, a boat seat cushion hanging from the ceiling, and license plates. The tables and chairs do not all match but have the same homey look. They look like they have been collected over the years. On those tables are paper towels. Paper towel carriers are my favorite types of restaurants. It is an unspoken rule that it means good food. Just like my dad always judges a place by the number of trucks in the parking lot. Makes perfect sense....try it next time you pick out a restaurant.

I think it was a total of 7 minutes that we got to look around, and then our food was the main focus.  It was quick! That makes it a perfect lunch stop for those around the Cantrell area.

I got the regular cheeseburger with American cheese and no onions.

This cheeseburger was wonderful! Sesame seed buns are my favorite. The soft white bread holds the burger together just right. It melts in your mouth along with the burger patty. They cook the burger right when you order it, so it is super fresh. The thick cheese covers the whole burger and holds everything in place. The shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles really tie everything together. They get their veggies three times a week, so everything is at its’ peak flavor. The burger was so moist that I had juices running down the backs of my hands.

That is why there are an abundance of paper towels on hand. Are you seeing the connection?

I was truly sad to eat my last bite of burger. I hadn’t even touched the fries or onion rings yet. That says a lot about my feeling towards the cheeseburger.

The French Fries were a nice pairing for our burgers. They were soft, salty, and cooked to a nice golden color.  They had a seasoned salt on them that gave them a unique bite.

We also enjoyed the onion rings.

I was a bit surprised that they were more of an onion tangler. I love some onion tanglers. They were crunchy, crisp, and well oniony. To top it off and make it even better, ask for the Thousand Island dressing. You dip a finger full of tanglers into the thick dressing, and it instantly makes them sweet. Thankfully I was eaves dropping and heard another table ask for the dressing. You gotta be in the know some how.

If you want to know about a big burger, then order The Rock. Rustin loved it, especially because they had pepper jack cheese.

This double meat double patty burger is for the experienced. It is for those who are serious eaters. Those who love burgers, and those who are mostly hungry.
This was a great place to eat at. There were 3 guys working the drive thru and floor. They were all so kind and welcoming. I got to speak to Chad, the owner’s nephew and night manager, in between him helping customers and filling drive thru orders. You could instantly tell that he had a true passion for his job and loved serving others.  He has been working there ever since his uncle, Dan Spencer, opened the restaurant almost 13 years ago. Dan wanted to open a burger restaurant, while his wife wanted a Bed & Breakfast. Chad laughs and said, “That is the only argument he has ever won”. 

I am sure glad he won that argument along with many other Arkansans. They have won numerous awards and are recognized in several magazines. Try it out for yourself. Just look for the checkered red and white roof on Cantrell Road in Little Rock. Instead of an “Open” sign, it says “Come On In”.

Go on in.

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